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Because each piece is individually made one at a time by hand, sizes and designs may vary sligthly.

Susan Kennon Carruth copyrights all designs. The image may not be reproduced, or manipulated without the written permission of the artist.

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Everyday Angels Collection

Designed with personality and charm, these lovely angels are welcome companions.
Many can be worn as a pin or pendant and should be worn often ... Everyday!

These Everyday Angels are a favorite variety
if reasons. Their charming expressions
communicate feelings of appreciate, love,
enthusiasm and empathy.




Whether purchased for ourself or another, their significance and enjoyment will extend
over generations.

Don't we all need angels?..Everyday!

Available in sterling silver and 14 karat gold.




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"Nora" Angel - Small Messenger Angel - Silver Medum Messenger Angel

Silver Choir Angel Earrings - Large Messenger Angel - Triple Choir Angel Necklace


"Nora" Angel

14K Gold & Sterling w/ 10 mm Opal triplet

Please email or call 601-264-1948 for quote.

21/2 x 1 ½








Small Messenger Angel

Pendant $ 55
Tac $ 55

1 x 3/4 inch










Silver Medum Messenger Angel


Angel with Heart
Pin/ Pendant
2x2 inches


Please call for quote in gold








Silver Choir Angel Earrings



Post $ 110
Clip $ 125

Please call for quote in gold.







Large Messenger Angel


Maybe worn as a pin or a pendant wire
2 1/2 x 2

Silver Angel $325
14 K Gold Please call for quote
Neckwire $ 75






Triple Choir Angel Necklace


18 1/2 Long
14 K Gold Please Call for Quote