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Folded Gold
Mardi Gras
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Wire & Bead
Special Designs




These lively and elegant designs are a favorite of many collectors. In addition to being beautiful, they are versatile and affordable. These designs creates volume without weight, producing an extremely comfortable and wearable form. The nesting collection is a great traveling companion which looks as good with denim as it does with black velvet.

The sterling silver and 14 karat gold-filled beads provide an excellent transition for wearing with your other "all gold" or "all silver" jewelry.


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Large Nesting Earrings - Nesting Cuff - Medium Nesting Earrings

Washer Earrings - Nesting Coil and Nesting Wire - Nesting Collar




Large Nesting Earrings

Post $ 95
Wire $ 85
Clip $ 120

1 1/2 x 1 inches







Nesting Cuff

$ 150









Medium Nesting Earrings

Wire $ 75
Post $ 95
Clip $ 120

2 x 1 inches







Washer Earrings

Post $ 75.00
Size 1/2 x 1 inches









Nesting coil and nesting wire (sold separately)

Nesting coil: $ 95

Sterling with 14 karat gold-filled beads.
Size: 4 inches

This is one of the most popular designs available.

The coil can be worn in a variety of ways. It slides easily over the simple neck wire, (as shown), over an omega chain, rope chain or over beads ( 10mm or less).

The most striking way to wear this piece is over a 14K gold omega chain. The gold in the chain picks up the flash of gold in the necklace and creates a spectacular look.

14 Karat Gold Omega Chain, 4mm ( not pictured): $ 335.00
Simple neckwire: Sterling: $ 55.00
Size: 14 inches (open in the back 2 inches
Size: 16 inches (open in the back 2 inches)
The simple neck wire is contoured to the neck and open in the back for true comfort. It is so versatile you will find many things already in your jewelry box that will fit beautifully on it.




Nesting Collar

$ 185

Small 16 inches, Medium 18
inches, Large 20 inches